Services provided

SNN in the Czech Republic (ČR) provides social services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Czech citizens.

  •      interpreting services

  •      social counseling

  •      social rehabilitation

  •      social activity services

  •      lending of assistive devices, hearing aids

Interpreting services

The goals of interpreting services are:

  • to mediate social interaction,

  • to assist in exercising rights, legitimate interests and in taking care of personal matters in health care (ENT, audiological, family doctors, specialized doctors), social area (social security offices, employment offices), education (schools for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and mainstream schools), and other areas ( e.g. housing, property issues, etc). Interpreting services are also required by judicial authorities, police, assessment comissions, employers, social care institutions, retirement homes and other institutions.

Interpreting of various public awareness events under SNN associations in the Czech Republic is also provided.

Sign Language Interpreter´s Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics specifies the basic rights and duties of a sign language interpreter during interpreting and in connection with the interpreting profession.

  • An interpreter is a bridge between the deaf and the other party to the communication who does not know the means of communication of the deaf. He interprets faithfully, does not change the meaning or content of the message. Interpreter creates such conditions, that the discourse participants feel like they are communicating with each other, rather than talking with the interpreter.

  • An interpreter respects the independence of the client and follows the communication mode the deaf client prefers.

  • An interpreter accepts only assignememnts, that correspond with his abilities and qualifications. He bears full responsibility for the quality of his work. If an interpreter finds, that communication with the particular deaf client is beyond his capacity or capability, he refuses to interpret.

  • An interpreter adjusts his behavior and attire appropriately for the situation in which he interprets.

  • An interpreter is at all times bound by confidentiality, which relates to the content of interpretation and also personal data of the client and any other information about him.

  • An interpreter does not refuse a client for his nationality, race, religious belief, political affiliation, social status, sexual orientation, age, intellectual level or reputation.

  • An interpreter has the right to refuse to perform his profession because of poor working conditions, or if he could not be neutral towards the interpreted message and therefore could cause damage to the client, himself or the profession.

  • An interpreter monitors the development of the profession in the Czech Republic and abroad, strives to know the Deaf culture, improves his knowledge and deliberately raises his professional level.

  • An interpreter honors his profession and constantly strives for cooperation with other interpreters in promoting and defending their common interests.

  • An interpreter requires financial compensation for their professional work.

  • An interpreter obeys current laws and regulations and knows and follows the code of ethics while exercising his profession.

Social Counseling

The service includes:

  •        basic social counseling,

  •        specialized social counseling.


Basic social counseling gives people the necessary information to solve their unfavorable social situation. Specialized social counseling is provided in counseling centers for persons with disabilities. Part of the specialized counseling is also lending of assistive devices.

The service includes:

  •     mediating social interaction,

  •     social therapeutic activities,

  •     assisting in exercising rights, legitimate interests and in taking care of personal matters.

Rental centers of assistive devices, hearing aids

In our rental centers we lend these hearing aids for free:

  • Hearing aids Widex and Siemens

  • FM system SCOLA monaural

  • FM system SCOLA binaural

  • Personal Communicator Crescendo 50

  • Induction loop with amplifier LA 215

  • Induction loop Soundshuttle